Super League: no sanction yet for dissident clubs, who will be able to play the Champions League

A few days after the failure of the Super League project, UEFA examined its “options” on Friday but did not sanction the dissident clubs. Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City may well take part in the Champions League semi-finals next week.

The European Football Union (UEFA) examined Friday in the executive committee its “options” to settle the case of the ephemeral Super League, without announcing for the time of sanction against the twelve dissident clubs having imagined this private competition supposed to supplant the Champions League.

No sanction to date

“The UEFA executive committee has been informed of the latest developments in relation to the ‘Super League’, in particular regarding the options available to UEFA and the measures it plans to take,” the body said. European Union in a press release, without further details.

In the space of 48 hours between Sunday evening and Tuesday evening, European football came close to implosion under the threat of the creation by these twelve English, Spanish and Italian clubs of their own quasi-closed tournament, before they throw in the towel in the face of the scale of the outcry.

Among the multiple reprisals envisaged by UEFA, one could have been discussed as early as Friday, namely the exclusion of Manchester City, Chelsea and Real Madrid from the Champions League semi-finals which begin next week, a measure claimed Monday evening by the Dane Jesper Moller, member of the executive committee.

“We’re going to have to sort out what just happened”

But even if Real, whose president Florentino Pérez led the secession attempt, are still having their ears pulled to surrender, such a drastic measure had been all but ruled out by UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin, according to whom the ‘cancellation of meetings could push broadcasters to “demand compensation”.

It remains to be seen what the “consequences” promised Wednesday by Ceferin to dissident clubs and their leaders will look like, the UEFA boss not having specified whether they would be judicial, disciplinary or sporting. For the mutineers to regain the fold of UEFA, “we will have to settle what has just happened. I can not go into details, we are discussing with our legal department”, had evacuated the Slovenian leader in a interview with his country’s television channel Pop TV on Wednesday evening.


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