Super League: Neville again smashes the Big Six clubs of the Premier League

Gary Neville attacked the Big Six members’ split with violence by joining the Super League on Sunday. The former Manchester United defender and now consultant has denounced their potential participation in the Premier League.

English football could pay a heavy price in the war between UEFA and the Super League after the creation this Sunday of a competitor in the Champions League. All members of the Premier League’s Big Six (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham) have agreed to join the sling against the governing body of European football. Author of a huge rant against this project, recalling in particular the popular origin of the English stables, Gary Neville gave a layer on Monday morning.

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Neville denounces an advantage of 350M €

Legend of Manchester United, now a television consultant, the former defender violently denounced the hypocrisy of English clubs slingers. And in particular the possibility of seeing them participate in the Super League midweek and the Premier League over the weekend. A hypothesis strongly denounced by the former player of the Three Lions (85 selections), and in particular because of the financial windfall obtained thanks to the new competition.

“These people think they can pocket an additional £ 300m (around € 350m) more than other teams each season,” Gary Neville said in a message posted on social media. And then roam around on Saturdays and play with a such advantage in the Premier League. “

Neville wants sports and financial sanctions

Gary Neville’s rant against the new champions of football business continued with the demand for sanctions against the slinging clubs on the part of the English League. Provided that the twenty clubs (including the six members of the Super League) reach an official decision.

“Deduct points, impose heavy fines and embargoed transfers,” said the ex-Red Devils player again. I hope they haven’t bought some of the other fourteen clubs.

And to conclude with a last keyword of the most explicit: “#stopthesuperleague”. Obviously, it is better not to tickle the English too much at the moment. Like the supporters across the Channel, the Super League has stuck in his throat.


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