Super League: Manchester City, first club to abandon the project

Manchester City are the first club to officially announce their withdrawal from the Super League. The English club have said they are taking steps to withdraw, after the many criticisms against the project.

So it didn’t even last 48 hours. Founding club of the Super League, Manchester City officially announced Tuesday evening its withdrawal from the project which was unveiled on Monday midnight. In a very short statement, the club explains having “officially started the procedures to withdraw from the group which is developing the plans” of the competition.

Manchester City is therefore the first of the twelve founding members to abandon this Super League criticized from all sides. This announcement came to confirm the information of the British press, which had announced this decision in the early evening. It could be that Chelsea and other clubs follow. Which implies that the project could well be stillborn.

Before the current Premier League leader and opponent of Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, his coach Pep Guardiola did not hesitate to openly denounce this project. “Sport is not a sport when success is guaranteed,” he said at a press conference. “It’s not a sport when it doesn’t matter if you lose. is not fair if the teams who are fighting at the top and can not qualify “.

UEFA welcomes this

Manchester City’s withdrawal was applauded by UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin. “I am delighted to welcome City back into the European football family. They have shown great intelligence in listening to many voices, especially those of the supporters,” said the Slovenian leader.

Raheem Sterling, England winger for the Skyblues, appeared delighted with the official announcement of his leadership. “Ok bye,” he wrote in a tweet, with a farewell emoji.

Other clubs could follow City, including Chelsea, the first club whose withdrawal was announced by the press.


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