Super League: Juventus maintain that project was a good idea

In parallel with the Serie A meeting won this Wednesday by Juventus against Parma, the sporting director of the Turin club, Fabio Paratici, wanted to defend the idea of ​​a Super League project, although it has been released since by several founding members.

Several dissident clubs have apologized for their “mistake” in wanting to launch a project for a European Super League. Not Juventus. If President Andrea Agnelli acknowledged the failure of the project on Wednesday with the withdrawal of English clubs, the boss had no regrets.

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Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici shared the same sentiment on Wednesday. “Like all changes, you have to assimilate them. It was also shocking when the Champions League was opened to everyone, when we changed the logo. It took a minimum of time to assimilate the change. was good for football, assured Paratici. We remain convinced that the idea was good. It was a unique opportunity to help the whole football pyramid, the whole structure. “

“I can’t consider all the ideas”

Like the Real Madrid of Florentino Perez, also president of the Super League, Juventus defended this new competition to the end and continues to believe that the option was viable. But popular pressure and the various threats from the authorities got the better of this Super League.

“Everyone has spoken and to talk about a subject you have to be prepared. I don’t talk about medicine with a doctor. We respect everyone’s opinions, especially those of the fans, which we miss, but I don’t can not consider all the ideas of everyone “, conceded Paratici for DAZN, in parallel with the Serie A match of Juventus won this Wednesday against Parma (3-1).

Juventus will now have to suffer the consequences of their choices. Andrea Agnelli crystallizes since the announcement of this project many tensions. For its part, UEFA through its president Aleksander Ceferin has already indicated that dissident clubs should take a step towards them for a return to European competitions.


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