Super League: Juventus admit defeat but remain determined to reform football

Juventus have officially admitted that the Super League project is over, while indicating that they are convinced of the merits of this competition. The Old Lady also seems very annoyed by the attitude of the other clubs.

The press release is bitter. At the beginning of the afternoon on Wednesday, Juventus de Turin officially reacted to the decisions of the other clubs involved in the Super League to withdraw from the competition: since Tuesday evening, the six English clubs (Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal), Atlético de Madrid, Inter Milan and AC Milan have in turn announced that they are throwing in the towel.

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For Juventus, whose president, Andrea Agnelli, is one of the main instigators of the project, there is no question of officially withdrawing from the event. The Piedmont club simply admits that the competition can no longer be played. “With reference to the press release published by Juventus Football Club SpA on April 19, 2021, relating to the plan to create the Super League, and the public debate that followed, the club specifies that it is aware of the request and of the intentions expressed by some clubs to withdraw from this project, although the necessary procedures within the framework of the agreement between the clubs have not been completed “, write the Turinese on their website.

Barça and Real reactions are expected

The Piedmont club therefore openly deplores the behavior of the other clubs having decided to leave the ship. And reaffirms its determination to reform world football. “In this context, Juventus, while remaining convinced of the validity of the sporting, commercial and legal assumptions of the project, believe that they currently have limited possibilities to realize themselves in the form in which it was originally conceived. Juventus remains committed to creating long-term value for the club and for the entire football movement. “

Only two clubs have not communicated so far: Barça and Real. As with Juventus Turin, the reaction of the Merengue club is eagerly awaited, with club boss Florentino Perez officially being the first – and presumably the last – president of the Super League.


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