Super League: Infantino slows down sanctions against putschists

In an interview with the Team, the president of Fifa, if he condemns the Super League project, also warns UEFA, which has continued to brandish the threat of sanctions.

The semi-final second leg between PSG and Manchester City confirmed the obvious: the winner of the future Champions League will be one of the twelve putschist clubs at the initiative of the flash in the pan of the Super League, born on a Sunday evening and buried on a Tuesday evening. and if he condemns in an interview to the team appeared this Thursday the initiative of the Super League, the reproaches are a little more veiled, but just as powerful vis-a-vis UEFA. “A leader must also ask himself the question of how we got there.” And what does not pass is particularly the threat of sanctions brandished on several occasions by UEFA, and in particular its president Aleksandr Ceferin, who assured: “Everyone must assume the consequences of what he has done and we can’t say nothing happened. You can’t do that and say, “I was punished because everyone hates me.” They don’t have any problems because of anyone other than themselves. What they did was not right and we will see in the next few days what we need to do. “

A few days later, Infantino put the hola on possible sanctions. “It’s quickly said that we must punish. It’s even popular – or populist – sometimes”, demeans Infantino who does not want players, coaches or fans to be punished too. And he even questions the authority of UEFA on the subject, discarding the federations: “It belongs first to the national authorities, then to the Confederations, in this case UEFA, and only afterwards to FIFA to take the appropriate measures “, explains Infantino, who also says he prefers” dialogue to conflict “.


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