Super League: How UEFA organizes the counterattack

Since the thunderclap of the announcement of the creation of the Super League on Sunday, UEFA has been maneuvering to torpedo the secession project.

Since Sunday and the first rumors about the imminent announcement of 12 clubs wishing to create a European Super League, UEFA has been in working order to counter this project as quickly as possible. Beyond the very harsh words of its president Aleksander Čeferin, the association has activated behind the scenes to try to shake this Super League. With a specific goal: to bring back some of the 12 dissident European clubs. RMC Sport can confirm reports from The Times and The Guardian that UEFA was in discussions with several clubs on the matter. The European body uses the arguments of the popular rebellion of supporters but also of players, coaches and federations to try to bring the clubs to reason.

Ceferin’s message this Tuesday morning at the UEFA congress was clearly aimed at clubs currently in the process of considering whether they should continue on this path.

“Gentlemen, you made a huge mistake. Some will say it is greed, others arrogance, ignorance of the culture of English football. But whatever. There is still time for a change. notice. Everyone makes mistakes. “

This is UEFA’s deepest hope today to hope to bring down this project: “If UEFA can convince one or two clubs to leave the Super League and come back with Bayern and PSG, it will be a huge success, confides someone close to the European body. And I can tell you that some clubs are thinking about it very seriously. One English club in particular … “This Tuesday evening, the BBC announced that Chelsea would be on the point of leaving the Super League ship, and the Guardian assures that Manchester City also has doubts.

Finally, as announced by Le Parisien, the Elysée is considering going further to help UEFA: to change European regulations on the freedom of entrepreneurship in the sports field. This would prevent, in fact, all possibilities for clubs to create a private company in the field. The French government is already studying all possible solutions in consultation with UEFA and several governments.


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