Super League: Heavy financial penalties to be expected for dissident clubs

A few days after the failure of the Super League project, sanctions for rebellious clubs are now surfacing. According to revelations from the NY Times and Vozpopuli, the contracts signed by the twelve founding members include significant financial penalty clauses, even putting the figure at $ 300 million.

At the heart of the news in recent days, the Super League quickly took a lead in the wing after the six English clubs announced, in turn, their desire to withdraw from the project. With the departure of half of its members, AC Milan, Inter and Atlético have decided to follow.

Only Florentino Perez’s Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus have not ruled on their desire to retire, nevertheless half-confidently confident that the project had failed.

The football world now expects sanctions for the twelve rebellious clubs which had given their agreement to be an integral part of this Super League. UEFA is examining its “options” but has not sanctioned dissident clubs to date.

The European body confided that Real Madrid, Chelsea and Manchester City, still in contention in the Champions League, will be able to play in the semi-finals of the competition and that the holding of these meetings was not called into question.

Heavy financial penalties inserted in contracts

This Friday, Bank JP Morgan, which was to finance the Super League project, said it had “clearly misjudged” the impact of the project. The American bank promised a total investment of between 4 and 6 billion euros for the launch of this new competition.

Several sanctions are now expected for the twelve dissident clubs. According to the indiscretions of Vozpopuli, the contract signed by the founding members includes a clause with a heavy financial penalty to the key for the clubs which would come to leave the project.

The generalist Spanish newspaper, specializing in the economy, argues that each team that wishes to leave the project would have to pay a fine of 300 million euros, just that.

This sum would actually match the money promised to the twelve clubs for having decided to join the project. Also according to information from Vozpopuli, this clause goes hand in hand with the loan of 3.5 billion euros granted by the American bank JP Morgan. This sum was initially to be distributed equitably among the twelve clubs.

This clause would be one of the reasons why the procedures initiated by the clubs to leave the Super League are dragging on.

Under the conditions set out in the contract, clubs which decide to leave the Super League must pay compensation equivalent to that which they received when they entered the competition.

For its part, the New York Times confirms this information but tempers on the amount which the clubs which have withdrawn from the project must pay, citing only “millions of dollars”.

The New York daily indicates that Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Juventus, plagued by large financial debts which led them to embark on the project, may be able to claim tens of millions of dollars from other clubs. dollars for withdrawing from the project.


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