Super League: Florentino Perez explains and tackles "aggressiveness" of the uefa

In the aftermath of the failure of his Super League project, Florentino Perez explained himself on the Cadena Ser. The president of Real Madrid takes the opportunity to tackle UEFA and ensures that the project was a good intention.

He is still the president of a Super League which has lead in the wing. Florentino Perez was this Wednesday evening the guest of the El Larguero program on the Cadena Ser, to give his explanations on his project and his intentions. The opportunity for the leader of Real Madrid to tackle the behavior of UEFA and its new Champions League format.

With his nose in its many pages, Florentino Perez confides “working on this project for three years”: “I am a little sad because we have been working on this project for three years. We wondered what we were doing. could do to get out of economic difficulties. The Champions League format has lived, it is old and has no interest until the quarter-finals. The 12 teams that were there lost a lot of money. previous seasons, even more this season. The format is not working and we thought we were going to develop a new one. “

“The 12 clubs have signed a contract”

If he does not “feel alone”, the leader of Real Madrid says he was surprised by the general “aggressiveness” against the Super League project. “I saw aggression from the UEFA president and the presidents of the other clubs, as if it was all orchestrated. I had never seen such aggressiveness in my life, in threats, insults … It looked like I had killed someone. We worked on the idea of ​​what we could do to help and save football. We wanted to help do something to help everyone ” , adds the president.

Florentino Perez specifies, about the defection of the six English clubs involved in the Super League project, that one of them “was not very interested”. But he recalls that the 12 clubs “signed a contract”. Ensuring that these contracts “are binding” and therefore cannot be broken so easily.


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