Super League: FA threatened dissident English clubs with suspension from Premier League

Two days after the announcement of the creation of the Super League, the six English clubs have already withdrawn from this European competition. As The Guardian indicated on Wednesday, if popular pressure played a role in this withdrawal, the threat of numerous sanctions also weighed in the choice of English teams.

The six English clubs are back in line. In turn, the British teams confirmed on Tuesday their withdrawal from the Super League project, announced this Sunday evening by 12 European clubs and aimed at competing in the Champions League. A project that aroused great indignation in the football world, which was partly due to the initial ambitions of the dissidents.

In its statement on Tuesday, Arsenal even apologized, saying they had made “a mistake”. But if popular pressure from supporters and even football players, from players to coaches, played a role, the authorities also got the better of these dissident clubs.

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Many threats

As revealed by The Guardian on Wednesday, the Football Association (FA), or the English Football Federation, threatened the six dissident English clubs with being deprived of domestic competitions in the event of participation in a European Super League. FA Director General Mark Bullinham was able to count on the support of the English government by also threatening to ban the work permit necessary for foreign players to join English clubs. New laws were also being discussed to block this project as much as possible.

A consensus between the FA and the 14 other Premier League clubs was quickly found. The anger displayed at the start of the meeting on Tuesday between these different actors gradually gave way to optimism to counter this Super League. All recognized that these six clubs were important for the influence of the Premier League. Vice-president of Manchester United, Ed Woodward presented his resignation to him after this failure.

In a statement in response to the Super League project, the Premier League had already indicated that it was considering “all available actions to prevent this project from progressing”, and held “the co-starved shareholders to account under its rules”. Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister, greeted him on Wednesday the withdrawal of the six English clubs, having won their case with the football authorities.


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