Super League: cut off his head!

2021. Europe is hit by a major health crisis affecting most sectors, including sport. There is no longer a public in the stadiums, no more supporters in the streets, almost everything is closed and the populations are confined, which means less revenue for the clubs and among them, increasingly glaring inequalities between the rich and the poor. However, as Renaud, a subscriber to After Foot magazine, explains, this does not prevent the rich clubs from wanting to dig them even further. Find all the articles of After Foot la revue subscribers on

These rich people, in addition to power, want full ownership and control of the income chain. Rich people who no longer want to be satisfied with their – big-piece – of the cake, but who want the cake and the icing, and the stranglehold on the rules which will define the framework in which they will evolve. They used to participate, they will be judges and referees now.

They loosen the historical bonds which enslaved them to the authorities and want to regain absolute control of their destiny. What better context for all of this to happen? This is suitable, like that of the French Revolution at the time, which presented unprecedented social inequalities, a bad harvest for the peasants, a striking lack of freedoms under the old regime, all combined with the will of the bourgeoisie to take power.

>> Find all the articles of After Foot la revue subscribers on

One could be mistaken to think that the first 12 founding clubs of the Super League are executioners sounding the death knell of the old football regime. Because it is their State, UEFA, which has ignored them for some time – as evidenced by its latest reform – thus allowing this reaction and this desire to emancipate its most powerful members to germinate. Here, we are witnessing a kind of inversion of the social contract, by the passage from the rule of law to the wild state. Those who had made a social pact and handed over their authority to a higher body consider that they are far too strong and that it is now advisable to replace a bygone and de facto useless submission with a plausible autonomy.

We promised them supervision, they can provide it on their own, we sold them income, they can generate more, we guaranteed them exposure, they think they could have even more, they were made to believe that it was impossible, they have finished believing it. Now, if they additionally anticipate what might be retorted, such as the subject of income distribution, they could pull the rug out from under their detractors and leave them in considerable embarrassment.

So what will happen to all of this, very smart whoever can assure you. What we can be sure of is a big mess and everything that happened for example after 1789 can only attest. For the moment, everyone is brandishing their weapons, on the one hand a coalition of 12 strong founders of 40 Champions Leagues, a majority of the best players in the world, with considerable economic power; on the other, the reaction of the powers in place, the Elysee Palace in France, a FIFA and UEFA agreement to prevent any participation of players belonging to the clubs concerned in the Euro and the World Cup.

However, there is an interdependence here, one cannot do without the other, with international competitions guaranteeing to see the best players in the world. If the latter were not there, it would kill the football of the selections. We begin to perceive that the possible outcome will not be binary, we can no longer find yesterday’s football, we will not witness its death either. Here is for the few predictions that can be made.

If this made it possible to reach a consensus that would benefit the majority of football’s protagonists, associations, clubs, supporters, what more could you ask for? Let us dare to hope that once again it will be the people, here football lovers, who will be considered and determining. The Ultras have already communicated with the authorities after having united some of their major associations in Europe.

The public has not yet really come forward. But go tell the supporters that trips to Naples, Amsterdam, Dortmund, Glasgow, Rome, Lisbon, Valencia, Rotterdam, so many clubs that are not considered by the Super League, are in vain and unnecessary.

Listen once a supporter tell you the memorable memory of a European trip, the discovery of a city and a stadium, you will understand that beyond the prestige of the club and the final result, it is the overall experience that he will remember forever.

To conclude, UEFA reminds us of an essential element: that we can foresee a lot of things, but not all the reactions provoked by what we had planned.


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