Super League: Chelsea and Manchester City would question their participation

Chelsea and Manchester City, two declared participants in the Super League, embarrassed by the hostile reactions to their involvement in this project, could well give it up.

Chelsea and Manchester City are said to doubt their first decision. The two clubs, widely criticized for their desire to participate in the Super League, would ultimately hesitate to join the competition, according to an officer of another club approached to join the Super League, quoted by the Guardian. The Super League is a dissident competition, carried by twelve clubs, six of which are from the Premier League, which intends to overshadow the Champions League.

The very serious British news newspaper also understands that discussions took place behind the scenes of the last UEFA congress, which is being held in Montreux this week. According to the Guardian, these discussions were aimed at finding out whether the two clubs in question could turn around, after the hostile reaction from the football world and increasing pressure from governments since Sunday.

Chelsea and Manchester City, a sporting alibi?

According to the Guardian, less than half of the 12 clubs involved will support the Super League no matter what. The rest would have joined mainly because they think their financial situation will be better if the Super League comes into being – unless they get concessions from UEFA – or even because they were afraid they would not. be able to participate. Chelsea and Manchester City would be in the latter case.

However, the Guardian cites another “well-placed” source from an anti-Super League organization who was more cautious in saying that while she hoped some clubs would reconsider their decision, she had no evidence. direct that they intended. Regardless, the pressure on dissident clubs intensified on Wednesday, as Chelsea supporters opted to demonstrate by blocking traffic to protest the Super League plan.

There is “not the slightest doubt” that Fifa “strongly disapproves” of the Super League project launched Monday by twelve dissident European clubs who “will have to suffer the consequences” of their breakup, its president Gianni Infantino said on Tuesday. This project wanting to supplant the Champions League is “a closed club”, “dissident of existing institutions”, pointed out the boss of Fifa at the opening of the annual conference of UEFA, the European football body.


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