Super League: Ceferin denounces the letters "threatening" Real, Barça and Juve

Angry at the behavior of the three clubs – Real Madrid, Barça and Juventus Turin – who led the fallen Super League project, UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin denounces the threats he continues to receive from them.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is certain that the Super League is gone for good. According to him, the project can no longer hope to see the light of day. “Even the most ignorant people in the world understand that the Super League is over,” he told The Telegraph.


The ephemeral project of a dissident competition, carried by twelve clubs, most of which withdrew almost immediately, in the face of the outcry that their initiative had provoked, did not exist for more than 48 hours. And it owes its theoretical survival to a handful of madmen, three in number, the main instigators of this mutiny.

“Look, they’re some of the strangest things I’ve ever seen in my life,” Ceferin said. A particularly scathing rant addressed to Real Madrid, Barça and Juventus Turin. “They left with a press release ‘the Super League still exists, we still have a Super League’. Two days later they sent in a request to play in the Champions League.”


“So they’re in the Super League and out of the Champions League, but they want to be in the Champions League? They said the Champions League is over but they still want to play it? Now they’re threatening, they’re sending letters saying that they are going to sue us. They obviously have too much money. They should invest in women’s football and youth football, “quipped the UEFA boss.

Ceferin: “They threaten everyone”

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against the last mutinous clubs not to have reneged on the project, which would threaten their counterparts, according to Ceferin: “I believe they are also threatening the other nine clubs. Is this a way of coming back? in the family, threatening? There was a press release a few days ago: ‘If the Super League does not take place, the football is over’, or something like that. Regarding the current format of the Champions League, which he is preparing to dust off, “the ideal situation is that all those who qualify play,” said Ceferin.


“It’s strange to communicate with them, when they are gone overnight and haven’t come back until now. All we get are letters. I haven’t read them, but our legal division says that there are threatening letters all over the place. When I speak to 244 clubs in the ECA [Association européenne des clubs], they [les rebelles] are not the most popular in the world. They chase everyone, they threaten everyone. Their point of view is: ‘We are playing our elite competition and we are doing charity to everyone’. No one wants charity. “


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