Super League: Bayern boss takes a step towards Florentino Perez and calls for dialogue

Yet fiercely opposed to the Super League, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the boss of Bayern Munich, wants to show wisdom to resume dialogue with the 12 dissident clubs. He calls for dialogue, in an interview with the Team.

Although he spent thirty years in the management board of Bayern Munich, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge had never lived such a hectic week. “I must admit that I never would have thought to live such an incredible week with so many twists”, entrusted this Thursday the boss of the Bavarian club to The team.

Fiercely opposed to the Super League, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge welcomes the refusal of German and French clubs to participate in this semi-closed league, whose project is now on “stand-by” according to its president Florentino Perez. . Bayern, Dortmund and PSG had been approached. “Hand in hand, France and Germany have united to support the current system of European club football,” he said in The Team.

“All the leaders are very disappointed with Andrea Agnelli”

Despite his deep disagreement with the project notably carried by the president of Real Florentino Perez and the president of Juve Andrea Agnelli, he wants to show wisdom and calls for dialogue. “With Florentino Pérez, I have always had excellent relations up to now, says Rummenigge. We must not forget that he is the president of the most famous club in the world. Aleksander Ceferin, the president of UEFA, just asked to rebuild a good relationship between all clubs and move forward. These are terms I fully share and in this chaos wisdom has to be advocated. I just hope Florentino will hear it from that ear. “

“All club leaders are logically very disappointed with Andrea and his attitude over the past few days. But I am a strong supporter of dialogue. I think it is important that the twelve clubs in question have admitted to having made a big mistake as well. What is even more important to me is that they almost all corrected it, “Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said.

“I see the attitude and the sudden change of course of all these clubs as a cry for help, a kind of distress message, especially concerning the clubs in southern Europe where I see a link between the financial difficulties they are going through and the consequences of the pandemic, ”he also said.


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