Super League: Barça persists and signs

In a statement released on Thursday, Barça believes it was necessary and even urgent to launch the Super League. The Catalan club hears the criticisms but does not call for an abandonment of the project. On the contrary, he is even considering a new version.

To refuse the Super League would have been a “historic mistake”. This is what FC Barcelona affirms which, the day after the flight of nine of the twelve founding members, spoke out in defense of this semi-closed European competition project. In a statement released Thursday, the Catalan club believes that this project aims “to improve the quality and the beauty of the spectacle offered to supporters of the football world”.

“As a world benchmark club, we defend its leadership vocation, which is part of its identity and its sporting, social and institutional spirit,” said Barça, considering that its participation in the Super League responds to “the urgency of the situation”. The club, confirming what relayed the Spanish press, indicates in passing that it “reserved the right” to submit its registration to the Super League to socios

“The proposed formula could be redesigned”

In line with the statements of its president Joan Laporta and his defender Gerard Piqué, the club does not dwell on the outcry generated within European football. In fact, the will to maintain the project, including in a revised version, is clearly displayed: “It is obvious that FC Barcelona considers that a deep analysis is necessary on the reasons which generated this feeling. If necessary, the the formula initially proposed could be reshaped in the general interest of the football world “.

The press release ends with a lot of nuance: “This in-depth analysis exercise requires time and the necessary serenity in order not to act in haste. (…) Even if FC Barcelona is aware of the importance and the informative interest that this affair arouses, and in the desire to act with the maximum transparency, the Club will show caution at all times “.


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