Super League: an English founding club is already thinking of leaving the project

Two days after the announcement of its creation, the Super League provoked strong reactions. According to the revelations of The Times, one of the six English clubs is already thinking of the possibility of leaving the competition, even before it starts. The identity of the club has not yet filtered out.

The announcement of its creation caused a real earthquake in the world of football. Two days later, the Super League was the subject of a very big showdown between the authorities of UEFA and FIFA and the dissident clubs.

>> The crisis of the Super League live

According to the indiscretions of The Times, one of the six English clubs engaged as a founding member (Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham) is already considering withdrawing from the project. The British daily does not, however, advance the identity of this club, which has still not filtered.

Also according to information from The Times, this club would have been surprised by the fierce opposition to this project by the supporters and would conduct urgent internal discussions on the best way to act while the management is deeply concerned by the rejection. fans.

UEFA president urged them to back down

Aleksander Ceferin spoke on Tuesday about the Super League at the UEFA congress. The president of the body regretted the choice of the leaders of the rebellious clubs.

“For some, supporters have become consumers, supporters have become customers and competitions have become products,” said the UEFA boss from the podium. At the end of the matches, they no longer look at the ranking of the championship but the number of viewers and the percentages donated. Elimination in the Champions League is no longer a sporting failure for some of them but is an industrial risk that some are no longer ready to take. “

The UEFA president then reached out to the dissident clubs, urging them to back down: “There is still time to change their mind. I would like to address the leaders of some English clubs. Gentlemen, you have done so. A huge mistake. Some would say it is out of greed, others out of contempt or arrogance or even a complete ignorance of the culture of football in England, continued the UEFA president in his speech. it doesn’t really matter. What is important is that there is still time to change your mind. Everyone makes mistakes. The English fans deserve you to correct your mistake. They deserve respect. ” […] Mainly for the English clubs, come to your senses. “Faced with the pressure exerted by the authorities and the British government, one of the six English clubs is therefore already thinking of repanting.


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