Sunidhi Chauhan’s song ‘Dugga Dugga’ released in Pujo

Own report: This time Pujota Different. But what is it that English will not rejoice in worship? The English are finding happiness by being careful even in the corona atmosphere.

Pendle hopping naiba hall, pujo songs, pujo chat, everyone is enjoying. Keeping in mind the love of English music, innumerable songs have been released in Pujo like every time. Among them is the song ‘Dugga Dugga’ sung by Sunidhi Chauhan.

Sunidhi’s song ‘Dugga Dugga’ captures how English has come alive again with the focus on Durgapujo.

In addition to releasing the song, SVF wrote on its YouTube caption, “This time Pujota is a little different. The well-known English festival of good and evil is a bit out of reach this time.


It did not change the tension of Kumortuli, it did not change the autumn clouds, it did not change the sound of the drums, and in the minds of the people, the relationship between birth and rebirth has changed! Sunidhi Chauhan sang her first pujo song to the tune of this heartwarming arrival tune of Durgapujo.

In the scene of the song, everything has come up from making a Tagore in Kumartuli to reading a stick covered in Durgapujo …

Indranil Das is the lyricist of the song ‘Dugga Dugga’, Kaushik-Guddu has composed the melody in the song.


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