Subaru BRZ 2022: The new generation appears again and sets a premiere date

Just over a year ago Toyota and Subaru announced that a new generation of the famous GT86 / BRZ cousins was on the way. In fact, this was even clearer when this August Subaru announced the definitive cessation of production of the current model. Since then the information about them has been coming out in a trickle and has basically been reduced to certain sightings with their corresponding camouflage layer in the United States.

Now, however, the final countdown to its presentation, at least that of the Subaru BRZ, has begun with a series of teasers published on its website and on the brand’s social networks. On this occasion, the bet has risen with the first image of his new look, which we already sensed in the first spy cars and a teaser video that finally sets a date for its premiere. And we will finally meet the new and expected rear-wheel-drive sports car, and cousin of the Toyota GT86 (or whatever its successor is called) on November 18. That is, in less than two weeks.

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More powerful, lighter, and advanced

The image that shows its front wheel and part of its body with an air vent in the wing does not give much information about the final appearance of the model, at least not as much as the photos that our Car and Driver colleagues in the United States have been showing and showing a model with cleaner lines than the outgoing generation.

However, the photo does allow us to confirm that the two Japanese sports cars will bet on 18-inch alloy wheels very similar, if not equal, to those of the Toyota GR Yaris with its 10-spoke design.

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As for its mechanics, as we already told you in the first information about the Toyota GT86 or that it could change its name to GR86, this pair of sports cars will have a new 2.4-liter four-cylinder boxer engine of Subaru origin, but this time accompanied by a turbocharger to reach a figure of 265 horsepower, which may be associated with the well-known 6-speed manual gearbox present in the current version, or a new automatic transmission created jointly by the two Japanese brands. It will also have a new lighter and stronger chassis developed this time by Toyota.

Presentation imminent

Subaru has already made it clear that the premiere of the new Subaru BRZ would arrive this fall, but with this new publication it is already official that its debut date will be Wednesday, November 18, so it’s a debut is already a matter of weeks. We will have to be attentive to new developments.


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