Steam Link on macOS: How to Play Your PC Games from Mac

You can now stream the Steam games installed on your PC from your Mac. Valve has updated its Steam Link application, originally intended only for iOS, to make it compatible with macOS. Now downloadable from the Mac App Store, this dedicated application allows you to stream Steam games installed on a PC from another device.

The Steam Link functionality was already available in the Steam client on Mac, but the particularly heavy application was not the most intuitive to use this mode. The problem is now resolved and streaming games from a PC to your Mac should not take more than a few seconds.

To take full advantage of Steam Link, however, you must meet some fairly specific prerequisites. Both your PC and your Mac must be connected to the same local network, and in the case of a wireless connection, use the 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, which is more robust and efficient.
Finally, if on mobile Steam Link displays touch controls, on macOS a compatible controller is essential. The application works with MFI (Made for iPhone) controllers, the Steam controller, as well as PS4 and Xbox One controllers.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

1. Download Steam Link

First, download the Steam Link app on your Mac. Available on the Mac App Store, it is free and only weighs 64.5 MB once installed.

Download Steam Link for macOS (Free)

2. Launch Steam on your PCIn addition to this, you need to know more about it.

To be able to play your PC games by streaming from your Mac, it is obviously necessary that your PC on which your Steam games are installed, is on, and that Steam is open on the machine.

3. Launch Steam Link

From your Mac, open the Steam Link app. If all the prerequisites are met, your PC connected to the same local network as your Mac should appear in the application. Click on the icon that represents it to initiate the connection.

4. Validate the connection between the Mac and the PC

On your Mac, Steam Link displays a four-digit PIN code.

This code must be entered in the Steam window on your PC in order to validate the connection between the two machines.

5. Test the network

Steam Link will then run a test of your network connection to determine if it is fast enough to stream Steam games from Windows to your Mac.

Wait a few moments for the test to complete. As soon as Steam Link detects that your network is capable of supporting 100 Mbps bandwidth, the test stops. Then click on the OK button.

6. Configure your controller

This step is not mandatory, but, depending on the controller you are using, Steam Link may offer you to configure it. Then follow the on-screen instructions to assign the buttons on your controller to the actions requested by Steam Link.

7. Start the streaming game

When all of the previous steps have been completed, Steam Link will display your PC’s Steam client interface on your Mac screen. All the actions you perform from your Mac are therefore also visible on the screen of the PC from which you stream Steam. You can then launch your game from your Mac as you usually do from your PC.

8. Quit Steam Link

When you are done playing, just press the button. Esc on your Mac keyboard to close the open game and return to the main Steam menu.

Press several times in a row until Steam displays the pop-up allowing you toStop Remote Play and therefore to stop the streaming between your Windows PC and your Mac.


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