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It’s official! SSC Tuatara wins the title of the fastest car in the world thanks to its 509 km / h

As you already know, the race (pun intended) to become the fastest production car in the world after the exploit of the Bugatti Chiron began a few months ago with several prospects seeking the crown and the first blow was already dealt by the SSC Tuatara, whose manufacturing company made it official that its car is now officially the fastest car in the world, marking a speed of 508.73 km / h.
The North American firm already had experience wearing this crown and, in 2007, the SSC Ultimate Aero managed to win the title by setting an average speed of 412 km / h, a record that would soon be stripped by Koenigsegg, and now once again remains in the hands of the American manufacturer.
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Currently, the official speed record belonged to the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which managed to mark an average maximum speed of 447.19 km / h, which was destroyed a few months ago by the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+, although it failed to take the title to the house for not having made the tour in both directions as dictated by the rules.
However, the SSC Tuatara decided to challenge Koenigsegg by taking its test right in the same place where the Agera RS got its crown, a straight stretch of State Route 160 outside of Las Vegas, Nevada, reaching the figure 508.73 km / h average speed.
In reality, the SSC Tuatara was much faster than that, since in one of its trips it marked a maximum speed of 532.93 km / h, but the rules require that the route be done in both directions of the road. In this way, the car achieved a top speed of 484.53 km / h.
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This gives us an average speed of 508.73 km / h, although of course the top speed of practically 533 km / h was recorded as the highest speed ever reached on a public highway, an honor that is not negligible for any manufacturer.
Recall that the SSC Tuatara is a vehicle limited to 100 units with an initial sale price of more than 1.6 million dollars ( more than 33 million pesos ) and that under its slim body with an aerodynamic coefficient of only 0.279 Cx it hides an engine 5.9-liter bi-turbo V8, which delivers 1,350 hp on regular fuel and up to 1,750 on high-octane E85 fuel.

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