Specialized renews with style, the Turbo Como SL, its electric urban bike

After the sensational announcement of its electric mountain bike, the Turbo Levo (III), Specialized turns its gaze to the city with the update of the Como, its urban pedelec.
The first evolution of the Como range is aesthetic. The frame has been slightly redesigned to form a handle at the level of the spanning. This improves the grip of the eBike when it is necessary to carry it on stairs or make it cross a complicated obstacle. The geometry has also been revised to move towards a slightly more raised pedaling position, and thus gain in comfort.

In its SL version, the Como adopts the in-house engine, developed in partnership with Brose, a central unit known for its compactness, its featherweight of 2 kg and its low consumption.
In terms of power, the Como is limited to a torque of 35 Nm and assistance up to 25 km / h obviously.
Finally, the Como is satisfied with a non-removable battery of only 320 Wh, but lowers its weight to 21.5 kg in its high-end finish.

Depending on the different trim levels, the user can also choose the type of transmission that suits him the most (Shimano 5 or 8 speed), but he can also opt for a Gates belt in the SL.5 version instead. of the classic chain.

100 km of autonomy and an external battery

The relatively light weight of the VAE, associated with a fuel-efficient motor, allows the Como to expect up to 100 km of autonomy despite the low capacity of its battery.
However, for the biggest riders, Specialized offers, as an option, a removable battery (or Range Extender), which takes place on the bottle cage and which makes it possible to extend the autonomy of approximately 50 km. This 160 Wh external battery is billed at 380 euros by the American manufacturer.

Also to discover in video:

Also to discover in video:

Finally, in terms of equipment, the bike is sold with its front luggage rack and a basket to be attached to it that can support up to 15 kg of load. Mudguards and lighting are also provided from the first price level.
Regarding the prices precisely, those of Specialized seem rather high taking into account the performances displayed by its VAE. Indeed, the Turbo Como SL 4.0 is sold from 3499 euros. As for the high-end version, known as 5.0, it is displayed at 3,999 euros.


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