Special Edition Honda CR-V SUV Car Coming Soon

The competition in India’s premium SUV market is fierce. Models of this genre have been hit hard by the recent MG cluster. In this case, the unique choice in this variant comes from the Honda CRV.

However, in order to overcome the crisis caused by the Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavor, and MG Gloucester SUVs, Honda is planning to launch the Special Edition model of the CRV SUV in India soon, according to the Autocar India site.

In total, only 45 units will be sold as the Limited Edition model. The limited-edition is priced at Rs 29.50 lakh ex-showroom. This limited edition is expected to be priced at Rs 1.23 lakh more than the regular variant.

The Limited Edition model of the new Honda CRV SUV will be powered by a PS-6 compliant 2.0-liter petrol engine. This engine delivers 152 bhp of power and 189 Nm of torque. The CVT gearbox is attached.


Based on the CRV facelift model sold overseas, this car is expected to come with some unique extra features. There are going to be minor changes to the design than the model already on sale.

It will feature Active Cornering LED headlights, front parking sensors, auto fold wing mirrors, door cards with letters engraved with light-emitting backgrounds, and running boards.

The car also features a tailgate with hands-free comfort and a front passenger seat with electric adjustment.

The Special Edition model is expected to feature a badge on the outside and additionally decorative stickers to show off. Honda plans to make this model a unique choice in the premium SUV market.



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