SpaceX: piece of rocket crashes on Washington farm

A farmer in Grand County, Washington, northwest of the United States, reported to his sheriff that he had found a piece of a SpaceX rocket, the Associated Press reported.

A major part to propel satellites

He would have left a small crater in the ground 10 centimeters deep. This would be COPV and would come from the second stage of the rocket. This room stores helium to pressurize the large tanks that are used to propel the satellites.

Also to discover in video:

Flaming debris from the Falcon 9 rocket was seen in the Pacific sky overnight on March 25, leaving behind comet-like trails. The Falcon had just returned from launching new satellites for the Starlink constellation.

SpaceX reportedly confirmed that the part was part of the rocket and has since recovered almost all of it. Fortunately, no one was injured. This incident is surprising for two reasons. On the one hand, because these parts of the second stage of the rocket usually drift in orbit for several years. On the other hand, because this debris has landed in an inhabited area, whereas it generally falls rather above the ocean.

It seems that the re-entry into the atmosphere was not controlled as it should have, although for the moment SpaceX has not communicated on this problem.


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