SpaceX adds glass dome to its Crew Dragon capsule for a 360 ° view in space

A glass dome will be added to the Crew Dragon shuttle at its top to provide a 360-degree view to its passengers. It will take the place of the docking adapter since the spacecraft will not come to approach the International Space Station as part of its tourist missions.

Crew Dragon’s protective shell will open after launch and once in orbit. According to the artist’s view shared by SpaceX and Elon Musk, a person must be able to stick to it.

SpaceX designed the Crew Dragon spacecraft under contract with NASA, which certified it and already used it last year. However, this modified version will not be used for the missions of the agency.

SpaceX tweaks dome to ensure security

SpaceX’s first sightseeing trip, dubbed Inspiration4, will be led by businessman and billionaire Jared Isaacman who funded the ticket for the other three non-professional astronauts who will accompany him.
It will be a free flight in Earth orbit for three days to take off on September 15. The Crew Dragon Resilience capsule, currently docked at the ISS, will be used. The dome will be installed in Florida after its return.

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“We have done all the engineering work, we continue to go through all the analyzes, tests and qualifications to make sure that everything is safe, and that this does not preclude any use of this spacecraft for other missions”, said Benji Reed, SpaceX’s director of Crew Dragon Mission Management, at a press conference, as reported The Verge.

Source: The Verge


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