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Soriano Motori launches its Giaguaro V1-Gara electric motorcycle and the first deliveries will be in spring

The motorcycle manufacturer Soriano Motori has unveiled its electric model Giaguaro V1-Gara, whose first units will reach Spanish customers during the spring of next year, according to the company.
As the firm has indicated, the Soriano group intends to offer users a new driving mode in which the typical sensations of a gasoline motorcycle are transferred to the world of electric mobility.
“We manufacture a completely Italian European product, which is defined in elegance, innovation and high level of electrical machines in the motorcycle sector”, has claimed the CEO of the company, Antonio Soriano.
Soriano Motori has managed to manufacture this motorcycle, handmade, with European components and in less than nine months. Soriano has presented an exclusive edition of 100 units that buyers can fully customize.
In addition to choosing the color of the chassis and the brakes, they will decide the seat material and the sound that your motorcycle carries. About half of the available units have already been sold, so the company expects to sell out this first edition “in the coming months”.
The new Giaguaro V1-Gara is available for 30,000 euros, while the V1-R costs 25,000 euros and the V1-S starts at 29,000 euros

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