Sony offers the game “Horizon Zero Dawn” to all owners of a PS4 or a PS5

After Ratchet & Clank, Sony offers Horizon Zero Dawn. As part of its Play at Home operation, supposed to encourage players to stay at home during the pandemic, the Japanese manufacturer occasionally offers certain games to the owners of its consoles, without any conditions. Horizon Zero Dawn, a critically acclaimed game, is free until May 14. It is its full version, with DLC, which is offered to everyone.

The sequel is coming

For the moment, the two big games offered by Sony do not seem to have been chosen by chance (there have also been a dozen smaller titles, generally independent). The new episode of Ratchet & Clank, Rift Apart, arrives June 11. Horizon Forbidden West, the continuation of the adventures of Aloy, should be released on PS5 at the end of 2021. By offering these games, Sony undoubtedly thinks that the players could be tempted later.

Also to discover in video:

Even if you don’t want to play Horizon Zero Dawn, we encourage you to add it to your library during its free period. You might as well enjoy it, the game being acquired forever. It is not linked to your PlayStation Plus account.


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