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Son dies on the birthday of Commander Rajiv Nigam, father died a few days ago

Popular Commodity Rajiv Nigam is suffering a lot at this time. He had a birthday on 8 November. Where he used to celebrate his birthday son and family with pomp, and on the same day his son left him and went away forever.

Rajiv Nigam’s son died on 8 November. Rajiv is unable to bear the shock of his son’s death on his birthday. He reported the son’s death on Facebook and wrote an emotional post. However, this account is not verified. The post reads, ‘How big a surprise gift was the birthday. My son Devraj left me today and left. Cut the cake without birthday. Anyone give such a gift, Pagle?

However, a source associated with Rajiv Nigam’s family confirmed this in a conversation with The Indian Paper Online and told that the family is in shock at the moment.

Son, who was on ventilator in 2018, worsens after going into coma

According to reports, in 2018, Rajiv Nigam’s son was also on ventilator. However, it was not known for what reason he was put on the ventilator. According to reports, when Rajiv Nigam’s son returned home after playing 2 years ago, his health suddenly deteriorated. He then went into a coma and since then the life of Rajiv Nigam has also reversed.

Rajiv’s father died a few days ago

At the same time, Rajiv Nigam was shooting for the TV show Har Shaikh Pe Ullu Baita Hai. It is said that Rajiv Nigam had put his career at stake for the son. He left everything to take care of the son and came back to his city. At the same time, Rajiv Nigam’s father also died a few months ago.


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