Should we boycott the FIFA World Cup in Qatar?

Henry was the T3 (coach number 3), then the T2 of Roberto Martinez with the Red Devils between the end of August 2016 and mid-October 2018. Last week, the players of the national teams of Germany, the Netherlands and from Norway wore special jerseys ahead of the start of their 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Qatar, to protest the conditions under which migrant workers have to help build stadiums. Over the past ten years, at least 6,500 people have lost their lives during preparatory work.

Norway and Germany have not been subject to disciplinary sanctions. Although former world champion Henry welcomes the actions with enthusiasm, he demands more clarity from football’s governing bodies.

“First of all, I want to make it known that I find it great what the players and their federations have done because they are taking a clear position. That’s what football is too, ”Henry told the BBC’s Newsnight program. “These players have to realize that they have a voice and that they can make a difference. Now is it fair for the World Cup to be held there (in Qatar)? I want the ‘bigwigs’ to tell me. Let them come out and explain what’s going on. ”

“They say they won’t take action against teams that have done this because they just can’t do it. This initiative is a nice gesture for everyone. Now show us your faces and let us discuss the issues. ”

Henry, however, kept a low profile when asked if the national teams should boycott the competition and hinted that he believed everything would go according to plan. “They have started to qualify in the meantime, so they will continue their campaign,” he added.


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