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Shopping button added in WhatsApp Business, learn how it works here

WhatsApp has launched a new shopping button on its business app. The new shopping button on WhatsApp Business lets users browse through catalogs and message businesses directly about a certain product they want to buy. The shopping button will appear as a storefront icon on WhatsApp. It will appear next to the business account name at the top. Users can tap on this shopping icon and browse through the list of available products.
Each product will be displayed along with its photo, details and price. Each product will have the option to deliver a message about the business. Users can tap on that button and inquire directly about the products they want to buy. The new shopping button is now live globally for WhatsApp users.

Voice call button has been replaced with shopping button. Users can still make calls by tapping on the call button and selecting voice or video call. WhatsApp said in a release, “Around 175 million people message on business accounts every day and more than 4 crore people see business catalogs every month. – There are 3 million such people in India.”

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Facebook is becoming more aggressive with WhatsApp business as it announced three new features last month. Soon WhatsApp users will be able to shop by chatting directly with WhatsApp Business account. Facebook will also provide hosting services for WhatsApp Business users to manage their WhatsApp messages. The company is also planning to start the business for some features on the WhatsApp business.


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