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Shivam Dubey burnt firecrackers on Diwali, people targeted Virat Kohli

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The entire country celebrated the festival of Diwali on Saturday (14 November). Cricket players also congratulated their fans on this occasion. The current and former cricketers congratulated the fans on this festival by giving a message on social media. Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar and many other big players shared their happiness on the occasion with their fans.

Royal Challengers Bangalore all-rounder Shivam Dubey also congratulated the fans on Diwali. He shared his picture of burning firecrackers while congratulating the fans. After these pictures went viral, people started targeting Royal Challengers Bangalore and India captain Virat Kohli.

Fans targeted Dubey’s tweets
Shivam Dubey’s tweet amused many fans. He also tweeted a mocking of Dubey’s pictures, disregarding his captain’s advice. Actually, on the day of Diwali, Virat Kohli posted a video requesting people not to burn firecrackers. Virat had requested people not to burn firecrackers on this festival for the betterment of environment and celebrate it with simple diya and sweets.

Kohli said in his video, ‘Many congratulations to you and your family on Diwali. I wish God brings peace, prosperity and happiness to your home. Remember, do not burn firecrackers to save the environment and celebrate this sacred festival with sweets and sweets at your home.

On Kohli’s video, people had targeted him and told him not to tell people how to celebrate Diwali. After this, after giving the picture of Dubey, people gave a funny reaction. People even wrote that Dubey is burning firecrackers and due to this he may have to be out of RCB team.


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