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Shahzad Deol left the Big Boss 14 house, the family members showed the way out

Mumbai: In the 14th season of TV’s most popular reality show ‘Big Boss’, contestant Shahzad Deol’s journey in the house ended in the early days. Shahzad Deol has to be homeless due to the voting of the housemates.

Shahzad is also very sad about this. The family members do not like them at all. Shahzad says that if the public had voted, he would probably have remained part of the house.

In his statement to a media house, Shahzad has directly targeted the makers of Bigg Boss Show. Also, he also showed Siddharth Shukla, Hina Khan and Gauhar Khan in the role of seniors as the reason for his exit.

He said that the family members gave less votes, but the real reason for being out of my house is seniors. Also, they say that if the public had voted out, they would not have suffered so much.

Shahzad sad to be out

On the question of displeasure with the producers of the show, he said that he is not angry with anyone, nor does he want to say anything to the producers.

Shahzad’s displeasure is only because he did not get a chance. He said that he is sure that he does not go out in public voting. Shahzad’s fans are also unhappy about his coming out and he is telling this unfair.

Shahzad’s interesting side was not seen

Talk about traveling in Shahzad’s house, he looked quite dull. He could not flourish in any game. More scenes were shown of his fight with Nikki Tamboli.

At the same time, he could not make any special bond with anyone. The growing closeness with Punjabi singer Sara Gurpal also ended with Sara being out of the show.

This season’s format is different from every time

The format of this season of Bigg Boss is different from every time. The public has not voted in the first two weeks. Evictions have taken place since in-house voting.

Also, the role of seniors has also been important in the first two weeks. At the moment, it will be interesting to see what will happen in the third week.

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