Shah Rukh Khan sent 2,000 PPEs to fight the epidemic, doctors and health workers

Own report: Shah Rukh Khan reached out to help doctors and health workers to fight Corona. To continue the fight against the epidemic, Shah Rukh Khan sent 2,000 PPE kits to doctors and health workers in Chhattisgarh.

The PPE was arranged by King Khan’s voluntary organization Mir Foundation. After receiving the help from Shah Rukh’s voluntary organization, Chhattisgarh Minister TS Singh Deo thanked him.

He thanked Shah Rukh for extending his hand to help the doctors and health workers in Chhattisgarh. After receiving a message of thanks from the Chhattisgarh minister, Shah Rukh Khan thanked him in return.


He said he would help as much as he could to save himself from the plague. Ren Shah Rukh Khan also said that he would extend his helping hand to protect the doctors and health workers in this difficult time.

Shah Rukh Khan is currently in Dubai for the IPL. Bollywood’s King Khan is currently spending time with his wife and children in the desert city.


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