Serum Institute of India: Serum Institute returned full amount paid for vaccines to South Africa

Vaccine / Symbolic photo (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Johannesburg, 9 April: The Serum Institute of India has returned the entire amount given by South Africa for 500,000 doses of the vaccine. Since the vaccine was not effective on the new form of the virus, South Africa had decided not to use it, after which the company did not supply these doses. Millions of vaccine doses from the Serum Institute have been sold to other countries of the African Union. Health Minister Jweli Mikhaije told reporters on television on Thursday, “The Finance Department has confirmed that the Serum Institute of India has returned us the entire amount we paid for the 500,000 doses of the vaccine.” And the money has come to our bank account. ”

“I want to make it clear that from now on the case of AstraZeneca vaccine is closed and it is closed without any wasteful or wasteful expenditure,” he said. Mikhaje said that there is a lot of concern among the people of South Africa It was said that the vaccine will now become useless. Also read: Indian Couple Found Dead in US: Indian couple Balaji Rudrawar and Aarti Rudrawar found dead in their home in America

“But I want to tell that all AstraZeneca vaccines have been saved from harm,” he said. “We have sold the 10 million doses we received and sold them on the African Union platform. It has been distributed in many African countries.

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