Sega attacked SteamDB for piracy … following a software error

Last Monday, Pavel Djundik must have had a few drops of sweat beading on his forehead. The creator of SteamDB, a database that references Steam games, had just received a second notice for piracy from the giant Sega about his page Yakuza: Like a dragon. He preferred to deactivate it, for fear of seeing a horde of lawyers tumble down. Then he called for help on Twitter.

Obviously, it worked. Pavel Djundik managed to contact Sega to sort out the issue. The famous page is back online. Sega, in fact, uses anti-piracy software that scans the Internet on a massive scale for counterfeit sites. The page of Yakuza: Like a dragon

came out as a false positive result. A trivial software error.

Also to discover in video:

The concern is that there was no verification. It was enough to open the page to realize that it was not a hacking site. Obviously, the lawyers foolishly took the results of the software at face value and sent their threatening letters straight away. However, Sega promised that it would henceforth “Parameterize more finely” its systems. Fault confessed, fault half forgiven.


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