Sarah-Cheyenne (Here it all begins) laughed at: the horrible nicknames she was given

After working on the series Tandem or For Sarah, Sarah-Cheyenne Santoni was hired to play in Here it all begins, alongside Clément Remiens (Maxime Delcourt), Aurélie Pons (Salomé Dekens) and Vanessa Demouy (Rose Latour). Some viewers discovered it in this successful TF1 series and were intrigued by the original name of the interpreter of Elodie Larroudé. A subject on which the 24-year-old actress spoke to our colleagues of Leisure TV.

Sarah-Cheyenne has an original first name that may prompt questions from her fans. The young woman has therefore lifted the veil on her origin. “My mom wanted to call me Sarah, my dad, who is passionate about Indians, preferred Cheyenne… It gave Sarah-Cheyenne“, she revealed to Leisure TV. If she is proud of her name, she did not hide the fact that it earned her some teasing when she was younger: At school, people laughed at me a lot. They called me Sarah the bitch, Sarah the hyena.“But she prefers to remember that today is”his strength because [elle] carries the two people who [lui] are the most expensive in the world” in her.

A role that “weakened” her

Her other strength is her talent as an actress which allowed her to join the cast ofHere it all begins. She plays Elodie, one of the students of the Auguste Armand Institute who is visually impaired. A role of composition since the sight of Sarah-Cheyenne is doing very well. She therefore had to prepare to put herself in the shoes of her character. To do this, she worked with an association (Valentin Haüy) which fights with visually impaired people. “They were incredibly benevolent and kind and I was able to ask them a lot of questions to prepare for my role. In fact, they were excited to know there was going to be a visually impaired character on TV.

“, she said. The beautiful brunette also took advantage of the confinement to train”to cook and walk with one less sense“.”I blindfolded and cooked blind. I realized that I did not know my cooking. And that Elodie is really very organized“she joked.

Through this role, Sarah-Cheyenne truly realized how difficult life can be for the visually impaired, especially because “the outside is full of obstacles“or that there are few films in audio description.”But I became aware of their difficulty in feeling free to leave their homes. And that weakened me …“, she admitted, always with Leisure TV. To play Elodie, she therefore feels a special responsibility.


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