Samsung launches iOS web app to encourage iPhone users to switch to a Galaxy smartphone

Samsung has just adopted a new strategy to try to win over iPhone users. The Korean manufacturer has just launched iTest, a web application allowing iPhone owners to simulate Android and more particularly the One UI interface of Galaxy smartphones on their device.

Also to discover in video:

To temporarily transform your iPhone into a Samsung Galaxy, you have to go to the site from Safari mobile. Next, you need to tap the share button and then Add Samsung’s WebApp to Home Screen. You can then launch the application on the iPhone like any other and start exploring the One UI interface of Galaxy smartphones.

On the home page of the application, Samsung explains that its app allows you to have an overview of Galaxy smartphones without having to change devices. As this is a simulation, not all functions can obviously be offered, but for Samsung, this should be enough to make people want to “switch” to their smartphones.

If the experience is rather successful, it will indeed only allow you to have an overview of the applications and functions, without really going further, because of the limitations imposed by the use of a Web App.

This simulator will however allow you to receive fake SMS and fake notifications, sounds included. For now, this experience is only offered by Samsung in New Zealand, but the website of the web application is accessible worldwide, which suggests that the Korean manufacturer could perfectly use it to an international marketing campaign.

Source: 9To5Mac


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