Samsung could ‘make an Apple’ with the launch of the Galaxy S21

Samsung could follow Apple’s business decision, and stop including its headphones in the box of its next devices, although for now the charger would remain.

If you have a Samsung phone and have recently been criticizing Apple about its policy of not including a charger or headphones with the devices they currently have for sale, the South Koreans are likely to follow the business strategy of Cupertino.

In the world of technology, you could say that “if something pays off, copy it” and Samsung could be seriously thinking about launching its future phones, starting with the Galaxy S21, without headphones in the sales packaging. 

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In this way, Samsung would open a new avenue of profits by being able to increase sales separately of its headphones that would no longer come standard with the phone. In addition to being a strategy with profit in mind, it could also have its trade-off in the environment.

From South Korea, there is already talk that Samsung will do without the headphones in the Galaxy S21 box, which would be forcing customers to have to purchase them separately. Note that Samsung currently includes AKG headphones with each of its Galaxy that go on sale, so if the report turns out to be true, you are going to have to spend a little more money for future versions of the phone if you are interested in the accessory.


What does seem to remain in the box will be the charger, so at least you would not have to buy another separately. In any case, if the strategy manages to increase the company’s profits, perhaps the shipper would be the next to be sacrificed, although the latter is the only speculation.

In any case, the only market that Samsung could not carry out this commercial movement is in France, where by law it is required that devices of this caliber include headphones. 

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According to our accounts, the new iPhone 12 should cost € 44 less as it does not include the charger or the headphones, so in the end, it is the consumer himself who has to end up investing more in electronic devices that are increasingly expensive.


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