Samantha Akkineni: why she left the film for actress Tapsee Pannu, Here is Clarity

Samantha Akkineni has agreed to make a film under the direction of Tamil director Ashwin Saravanan. The film will be made in Telugu, Tamil as well as Hindi.

For some films, even after the finale is over, the cast changes or the director leaves. We have seen many such cases in the Telugu film industry so far.

It is unknown at this time what she will do after leaving the post. Rumors have it that the same thing happened with the latest Samantha movie.

Preparations are underway to produce a film in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi under the direction of Tamil director Ashwin Saravanan in the lead role of Samantha.

Information that Samantha will appear as Divyangura in this movie. Samantha is also training for the role.

Ashwin Saravanan already proving his talent with films like ‘Maya’ and ‘Game Over’, speculations are rife about a film to be made with Samantha.

However, there is currently a news campaign in the media regarding this project. Director Ashwin Saravanan is said to have dropped out of the project.

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It has been reported that Samantha has sidelined Ashwin for doing another film with Tapsee. With this, Samantha has fielded director Nandini Reddy.


Samantha has already worked with Nandini Reddy for ‘O Baby’. Again now it is being publicized that Samantha has given herself a chance.

However, Director Ashwin responded to the news. It was clarified that none of this was true. To this extent, he spoke to an English news website. “It simply came to our notice then.

I do not understand why such news is written without knowing the subject of talking to a director. Currently, there are corona panic conditions.

We make it a priority to stay safe during such times. The same thing happened with this movie. We will start filming soon, ”said Ashwin.

In a recent interview, Ashwin revealed that Tamil actor Prasanna is playing a pivotal role in the film. she is also hopeful that Samantha’s role in the film will definitely win her an award.

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It seems that this movie will go on the sets at the end of this year but at the beginning of next year.


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