Saint-Étienne: the beautiful story of Etienne Green, who saved a penalty

Author of a penalty save during the victory of the Greens in Nîmes this Sunday (2-0), the third Saint Etienne goalkeeper Étienne Green had a perfect day, for his first tenure in Ligue 1.

From the very reading of his name on the scoresheet, the Nîmes must have suspected that they were dealing, in the person of Etienne Green, with a player predestined to wear the Saint-Etienne jersey one day. What they suspected less is that the young goalkeeper, 20, propelled by the injuries of Jessy Moulin and Stefan Bajic, would be the gravedigger of their hopes, this Sunday. Author of a decisive penalty stop, three minutes from time, Green allowed Saint-Étienne to secure a quiet victory (2-0) and embellished his already extraordinary day.

Debut with a green jersey

Of English origin, named Étienne in reference to his adopted city, Étienne Green grew up in the Loire, before making his debut at ASSE in U10. Eleven years later, he took advantage of favorable circumstances to be propelled into the first team and then to start in Ligue 1… with the green jersey that befits his name so well. “You can not do anything against fate. I played 386 games with the Greens and I was only able to wear the green jersey 4 times. It was statistically almost impossible that, for his first professional game, Étienne Green played with it. the green jersey, and yet … “, tweeted Jérémie Janot, historical porter of the club.

Janot and Green know each other, since the former trained the latter for a while, when he was still a goalkeeper coach for the Greens. Above all, they have already trod a Ligue 1 lawn, when the young Green had the honor of sharing a pre-match ceremony with his model. From this day, there is one photo, which the club did not fail to relay on social networks. “It’s really a pride to make my debut with Saint-Étienne. I’ve been at the club since I was 9, it’s been a long way,” said the novice after the match.

“We watched the video …”

“I do not see why we would talk about him, there is not much to say”, joked in turn Claude Puel, his trainer at a press conference. “He didn’t surprise me. I knew he could play a game like that. He’s a player that we signed last season, but who had a lot of lacks, who needed to gain confidence in him and to assert his character and his personality. André Biancarelli, our goalkeeper coach, has transformed him. He was huge today, with his qualities. He will remember him throughout his career. “

At the microphone of Canal +, Etienne Green also returned to the penalty, the culmination of a full match. “I’m a little surprised that there is a fault. For me, I put my hands on the ball, he said. We had watched the video, I knew he often opened his foot. chose the left side and took it out. ” Hero of the match, he was properly celebrated on his return to the locker room, where his teammates sang in his honor before splashing water on him. “It’s going to be hard to sleep, but it’s a pleasure,” he concluded soberly, without suppressing his smile.


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