Sachin and Bhajji raised questions on ODI rules

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Sachin and Harbhajan raised questions on ODI rules

India’s great batsman Sachin Tendulkar has once again said that the current ODI cricket rules need to be looked into. Many believe that the current ODI rules are more favorable for batsmen. Talking about the current ODI rules, two new white balls are used in the match. There is also a rule of power play in an innings of the match which is divided into three parts. During this time, the fielding team is allowed to keep a certain number of fielders outside the 30-yard circle.

In the first power play of 1–10 overs in an innings of an ODI match, only two players are outside the circle of 30 yards. The second power play is from the 11th over to the 40th over with only four players placed outside the 30-yard circle. At the same time, 5 players are outside the circle of 30 yards in the last 10 overs.


The International Cricket Council (ICC) on Tuesday shared the statistics of Tendulkar and Ganguly’s partnership with fans on its official Twitter handle. The ICC wrote on its official Twitter handle, “No other pair has crossed 6,000 runs in ODIs.”

Sachin Tendulkar liked this ICC tweet and made a funny tweet tagging Sourav Ganguly and ICC. Sachin wrote, “Old memories come back to grandma (Sourav Ganguly). How do you think we would have managed to score more runs with just four fielders outside the ring (30 yards) and 2 new balls?”


Saurav Ganguly also responded in a funny manner to Sachin’s tweet. Ganguly wrote in the tweet, “Together we would have been able to score more than 4000 runs. 2 new balls. Wow, it looks like the cover drive was already hit in the first over and the same continues for the next 50 overs. “

Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly also have the record for the most runs scored as the opening pair. Sachin and Ganguly have scored 6609 runs in 136 innings at an average of 49.32 as an opening pair. During this, there were 21 century partnership and 23 half-century partnership between the two.


Indian team off-spinner Harbhajan Singh also joined it and wrote, “Easy few more thousand runs .. What a bad rule .. There is a need of bowlers in the ICC to maintain balance in bat and ball. When the team 260 / If you make 270, then the match becomes more competitive, in today’s round everyone is scoring 320/330 and also achieving so much goal. “

On Harbhajan’s tweet, Sachin replied on Wednesday and wrote, “I agree with you Bhajji. I too feel that rules and pitches should be taken care of.” Let me tell you, Sachin has long been a critic of two new balls in ODIs. He believes that this will not allow the bowlers to reverse swing.


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