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Russia’s interference in 2016 elections, Trump pardons former NSA Flynn

US President Donald Trump has pardoned his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn on Wednesday. Flynn was found guilty of lying to the FBI in an investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Trump has pardoned many celebrities during his tenure and Flynn’s case is the most high profile.

Guilty of lying to the FBI
Trump wrote on Twitter- ‘It is an honor for me that General Michael T. Flynn is being given a full apology. Congratulations to Flynn and his family. I know that your Thanksgiving will be great now. ‘ Retired Army General Flynn was convicted in 2017 of lying to the FBI. Flynn lied to the FBI about a conversation with Russia’s ambassador to the US prior to Trump’s Inauguration ceremony.

Were removed 24 days later
Flynn was one of Trump’s top officials who was convicted in an investigation by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller. At the same time, Flynn alleged that prosecution lawyers implicated him. Flynn’s sentence has also been changed several times. He was Trump’s first National Security Advisor but was removed from office 24 days later when his contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak was revealed.

Trump wanted to forgive in advance
Trump said in March that he was thinking of forgiving Flynn. He had said that the FBI and Justice Department spoiled the life of Flynn and his family. He claimed on the basis of the evidence that records related to Flynn have been lost. According to the earlier deal, Flynn was supposed to help the government in the investigation but later alleged that the lawyers had told him to lie.


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