Rue du Commerce: 4 great tips for a connected home

It’s time to switch to the “smart home” with a selection of good deals currently available at Rue du Commerce. Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant increase the possibilities of what was still called “home automation” a few years ago, and which has been greatly simplified, in particular by an increasingly wide compatibility of connected devices. with these assistants and the ecosystem they offer. It thus becomes very simple and relatively affordable to install connected bulbs, a smart thermostat or an intrusion monitoring and detection system at home, which can be controlled entirely by voice or via mobile apps. This is exactly what the 4 products that we have spotted among the offers offered by Rue du Commerce offer, and to seize now.

The connected home allows you to efficiently control its heating to adapt to your needs. This is notably possible with the Tado connected thermostat starter kit, which benefits from a 46% reduction on its price, from 349 to 189 euros. This kit is composed of a smart thermostat, a connection bridge and 2 thermostatic valves to be installed on your radiators. The Tado smart thermostat has the advantage of being compatible with Google Assistant Amazon Alexa, IFTTT or Apple HomeKit. Whether you are more Echo, Siri or Google Nest, you can integrate it into your environment. It offers multi-zone control, detection of the location of your smartphone to avoid wasting energy and an intelligent planning mode, available on the thermostat itself or via the mobile app. Connected thermostatic valves allow you to individually control radiators in the house.

The Tado connected thermostat at 189 euros

To secure your home in your absence, Homematic IP is a complete connected security pack, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant assistants, currently available at a price of 169 euros. It combines an alarm, two window contacts, a motion detector, and a Homematic IP central unit which controls everything. The alarm can be activated or deactivated via voice by one of the two assistants, and the system operates with AES 128 encryption, the application communicating with a server located in Germany. The cloud is not essential for the alarm to function, the equipment being directly connected to each other.

The Homematic IP connected security pack at 169 euros

To return to a connected object that brings comfort and a dose of color when you are at home, you can acquire a connected bulb Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential White & Color at a price of 25.83 euros. The connected bulb in E27 format can illuminate your room in white, but also in 16 million colors, with an adjustable brightness between 80 and 950 lumens. Various atmospheres can be created with a Flux mode which renews the colors. The Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential White & Color bulb integrates again with Alexa as with Google Assistant, depending on your preference.

The connected bulb Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Bulb Essential at 25.83 euros

And if you haven’t yet given in to a voice assistant, or to complete your Google Home / Nest setup, the Google Nest Audio smart speaker is the latest model, focused on music with rich, precise sound on a rather small speaker, between the Nest Mini and the old Google Home Max. To fill a room with music and podcasts, or to integrate it into a bundle alongside your Nest minis, Nest Audio combines the Google Assistant and its great IoT compatibility with a discreet and convenient way to stream your music. music or your favorite shows from many applications such as Spotify, Deezer or Radio France.

The connected speaker Google Nest Audio at 99.95 euros

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