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Rubina Dilac forgot the name, Sudesh Berry publicly cheered, said – in my career of 40 years, I have …

Famous actor Sudesh Berry, who has worked with Rubina Dilac in the show ‘Shakti: Feeling of existence’, is angry with the actress because despite working together, Rubina forgot her name. Actually, during the ‘Bigg Boss 14’ speaker task recently, Kavita Kaushik asked Rubina to mention the names of 10 actors who worked together in the serial ‘Shakti’. Rubina forgot the name of Sudesh Berry while mentioning the name and also gave the wrong name, which along with Kavita made fun of people on social media and trolled the actress. Now Sudesh Berry himself has reacted to this issue and expressed his displeasure on social media. He wrote on Twitter, ‘Never seen so much fumbling in my 40-year career. Every day you get to learn something. #MyNameIsSudeshBerry


Sudesh Berry said to Kamya – you know my name?
Sudesh Berry did this tweet while replying to a tweet by Kamya Punjabi. Kamya had tweeted, ‘Yes he (Sudesh Berry) has taken this thing to heart. In the morning he came to me and said, ‘Hello my name is Sudesh Berry. I was just confirming that you know. Hearing this, my heart broke badly. It is very painful. Now people can troll me by saying that I am Kavita’s friend. But what is true is true.


Kamya gave a tough answer to Rubina
Not only this, Kamya had also tried to show Rubina a mirror by tweeting when she spoke the wrong name of Sudesh Berry in the task. Kamya then tweeted, ‘Rubina, the name is Sudesh Berry. He is a very famous and well-known senior actor in the film and TV industry and has been a part of ‘Shakti’ for almost 5 years. They do not need introduction. I am shooting with him right now. He is also laughing a lot at this.


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