Romelu Lukaku offers a brace against Lazio and scores his 300th career goal (VIDEOS)

Will Romelu Lukaku finally win a first title abroad? He dreams of it… and he has already come close on several occasions, both in the Europa League, in the Cup or in the Championship. But never has one of his teams seemed as capable of going for a trophy as this one.

Thanks to AC Milan’s big misstep in Spezia (2-0), Lukaku’s Inter knew that it was possible to strike a big blow if they succeeded against Lazio. Nothing more was needed to boost the motivation of the group. Starting with that of the Belgian.

Well in leg from the kickoff, Lukaku is at the base, via a deviation, of the action which leads to the penalty obtained by Lautaro Mart inez. And he is especially at the conclusion by not trembling against Pepe Reina (22nd: 1-0).

Lazio did try to revolt but the Milanese defense was imperial. Almost as much as Romelu Lukaku who only needed one more opportunity to make the break. His 16th goal in the league came from a ball (arrived a little lucky) taken in a time at the entrance of the large rectangle (45th: 2-0).

But it is mostly his… 300th career goal! 57 goals for the national team and 243 for the club (41 with Anderlecht, 17 at West Brom, 87 at Everton, 42 at Man Utd and 56 at Inter). All in the space of 582 games. Big Rom (who also assists Lautaro Martinez for the 3-1) takes the opportunity to join Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of the Serie A scorers’ standings and then, obviously, to make his team climb to the top after this 22nd day. What had not happened since December 6, 2019.

This is a perfect weekend for Lukaku who knows that the title will probably be played with AC Milan (they face each other next weekend). Because the victory of Naples against Juventus (1-0) sent the Old Lady eight lengths from Inter. The hegemony of Juve (9 titles in a row) is it over?


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