Roland-Garros postponed: Alizé Cornet pays Maracineanu

The organizers of the French Open are looking to postpone the holding of the tournament by one week to take advantage of better sanitary conditions and welcome more people. To the detriment of other tournaments on the calendar.

After her success against Elise Mertens in the second round of the Charleston tournament, Alizé Cornet was invited to the Tennis Channel set. And when the journalist informed her that Roland Garros was probably going to start a week later, she was blown away. “No, I don’t believe it, she said. It stays between us but our Minister of Sports is disastrous. Sorry. I have nothing against her, but she only makes bad decisions about sport. . It’s like she doesn’t care. It’s a pretty selfish decision. “

Cornet: “Come on, we shift and we don’t care who is behind”

Later, contacted by RMC sports, Alizé Cornet reconsidered this decision. “I imagine they have their reasons but I would like to know if it comes from the government or the Federation. I heard that the Minister of Sports had been talking about it for a while. Again, it is not very good for the image of Roland-Garros. It’s really imposing its law on the tournaments that are behind. The calendar is super busy, ultra tight. The tournaments pay their date, they all try to stay afloat. impact players and tournaments. “

In 2020, the Niçoise understood the postponement from May to September. There, it implies an abuse of power. “As much, last year, there were reasons. Because if it was not done in September, it was not done at all. I was completely behind them. As much there, I say to myself that a week before or a week later, it would have happened. After, yes, it might have been worse for the business but there was no question of life and death. It bothers me a bit. do what it wants. It doesn’t give a good image of France, I think. It looks like “Come on, we shift and we don’t care who is behind.” I am a little perplexed. “


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