Roja: Samantha out .. Jabardasti with Roja .. Bigg Boss team is planning well!

Audiences who saw Samantha’s noise on the screen of the popular TV show Bigg Boss during Dussehra .. It seems that they are going to watch Roza Hulchul this week. Akkineni Kodalu Samantha, who was impressed to be the Bigg Boss host by replacing Nagarjuna due to his unavailability, said that he could not be the host as he was a bit busy this week. Who should take another host with this? It is reported that the owner, who thought he could impress with someone, leaned towards Roza.

Nagarjuna, who is hosting Bigg Boss Season 4, has left for Manali for the shooting of his new film ‘Wild Dog’. He left the video himself confirming that he would not be back for three weeks as he was planning a long schedule there. What does the Bigg Boss host have to do with this? The Bigg Boss team announced Samantha’s name less than the audience thought. Samantha was hailed by many as the Bigg Boss host, replacing Mama Nagarjuna last week.


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With this, the television audience thinks that it would be better to host Samantha for another two weeks. Suddenly, Roza’s name came on the screen. Checkers are reporting that Samantha looks likely to be busy this week, having previously carefully approached Rose and agreed to host Bigg Boss. Once again, the Bigg Boss host is in a state of suspense.

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Ramyakrishna replaced Nagarjuna as the guest host last season as well. Meanwhile, Samantha Satta has recently appeared on the Bigg Boss screen. Mari Roza has experience as a judge for many shows anyway, so the talk started among the people that she is also sure to be special. So .. we have to see and is this week Hawa Samantha or Roza? Is.

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