Roger Federer and Thierry Henry hit the ball together in Croatia

Roger Federer is spending his holidays in Croatia on the island of Losinj, where the academy of his coach, Ivan Ljubicic is located. The two men are not alone with their respective families, since Thierry Henry joined them there.

Not only did Ivan Ljubicic take Roger Federer a further step forward in his career by joining his team, the two, who have been friends for several years, have also deepened their relationship. Inseparable on the circuit, they are also inseparable in life. The proof this week.


Package for the Tokyo Olympics, the Swiss flew to Croatia – the country of Ljubicic – and Losinj, a small Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, where he spends a good time with his family with his wife Mirka as well as their children, but also Ivan Ljubicic, therefore. And a distinguished guest: Thierry Henry.

When Myla Federer mocks Thierry Henry

The former Arsenal and Blues striker, used to Croatia, has indeed been photographed sharing a meal at a restaurant with all these little people. Thierry Henry and Roger Federer also hit the ball with their children. On a video that circulated on the web for a while before disappearing, Myla Federer, one of the Maestro’s daughters, was able to show off her footwork, after having kindly made fun of Thierry Henry, more at ease with a soccer ball than a tennis ball.


The island of Losinj was not chosen at random. It is precisely in this part of Croatia that Ljubicic is preparing to launch his own academy, the aim of which is to become “the best tennis performance center in the world”. The academy has 9 clay courts, 3 hard courts and a four-star hotel.


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