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Riya Chakravarthi said in custody, sushant used me… If he was alive, those things would come out

Sushant Singh Rajput Death Mystery, which shocked the film world at once, is going through many twists and turns. Even though months have passed since he passed away, the right answer is yet to be found.

However, Rhea is facing serious difficulties in the case after the drug affair came to light during the trial. NCB officials are interrogating her in various ways without giving any gap.

Rhea who revealed those things

Rhea has been trying for bail since the beginning after being taken into custody. But no matter how hard she tries, the authorities will not let her go.

Recently, she filed another petition for bail in a Mumbai court in which she revealed some facts related to Sushant.

I was so deceived

I was very deceived in the case of Sushant Singh. She even used me and my brother for drugs. Sushant was addicted to drugs.

No one in his circle has that habit. Now no evidence is kept. We were not the only ones found. He also forced his staff to take drugs.


Why WhatsApp Chat Didn’t Come Out.

So far other phone calls related to Sushant why WhatsApp messages are not coming out. I can only say that there have been many attempts to implicate my brother in this case, ”Riya Chakraborty said in her 47-page bail petition.

The day before Sushant’s death.

On the other hand, three days before Sushant’s death, he told his chief Neeraj to prepare drugs. In fact, many are of the opinion that if Sushant had survived, he would have escaped with a minor sentence.

however, it is said to have taken drugs in very small doses that would not be punished for a year.


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