"Return of Hulkaku", "a train", "300th career goal": Italian press praises Lukaku after his double against Lazio

Is Lukaku having the best season of his career? With 22 goals in 29 games in all competitions, he is the real boss of Inter Milan. His standard bearer. This Sunday, he proved it again with an XXL performance against Lazio. With a double and an assist, this victory clearly bears the paw of the Red Devil.

And the newspapers were not mistaken. Romelu Lukaku is embedded on all the front pages of Italian sports dailies. Starting with the Gazzetta dello Sport. With a large photo of Romelu, the headline newspaper “Inter is screaming up there” in order to mean that the Nerazzurri have seized the first place at the expense of AC Milan. For our colleagues, “Lukaku is the real chef. If you haven’t had a Saint Valentino, call Romelu Lukaku!”.

In its pages, the daily highlights the player’s performance. And his exceptional statistics since the start of his career. “Some gifts take a long time to unwrap. And Romelu Lukaku facing Lazio looked like a child (even if he weighed 93 kilos …) under the Christmas tree. But you have to know how to deserve certain gifts “, begins the diary. “With this double against Lazio, Lukaku reached 300 career goals between his various clubs and his national team (56 with the Nerazzurri shirt, 87 with Everton, 57 with Belgium, 42 with Manchester United, 41 with Anderlecht and 17 With the WBA) Final curiosity: Against Lazio, this is Lukaku’s third home brace in Serie A. No one has done the same this season in one of the five major leagues in Europe. “

Beyond his two goals, it was his assist and his action for Lautaro Martinez that impressed the club’s followers. “This all-out race to slip onto Parolo and then open the door to Lautaro is the emblem of overwhelming physical power. (…) Lukaku is still the man who can change the game.”

Thanks to this victory, Inter Milan overtakes their sworn enemy of AC Milan … before finding him next week in an electric derby. “This double is worth Inter’s first place on the eve of the derby. But also the first place in scorers shared with Ronaldo. And on Sunday, Lukaku found Ibra after the sparks of the Cup which also generated a painting on a wall outside Meazza Stadium. “

The Corriere dello Sport, considered the second sports newspaper in the country, also placed Romelu Lukaku in the front page. For the daily, the Belgian was too strong for the defenders of Lazio. “High Lukaku” title the newspaper before then returning to its pages on its performance. “The Biancocelesti go by the wayside because of an impregnable Lukaku.” Journalists also believe that our compatriot is worth “more than half a team” or “that the team fly with him. You said Icardi who?”, in reference to the Argentinian, party to PSG, whom Romelu Lukaku successfully replaced 18 months ago.

Obviously, all the newspapers indicate him as the man of the match of this meeting. Eurosport Italia rated it 8/10. “The best. Always relentless in the eleven meters. He scored a brace with a penalty from the left and a shot from the right which left Reina no chance. In the most delicate moment of the match, when Lazio returned, he starts the counterattack like a train, overwhelms Parolo and packs the assist to Lautaro for the break goal. Man of the match. “

For TuttoSport, the Turin newspaper, there was “Too much Lukaku for Lazio, who tried to put a stick in the wheels of a fit player. It was Hulkaku’s comeback. He crushed Lazio like the incredible green giant.”

After the meeting, Antonio Conte, the coach of the Nerazzurri, did not want to praise Lukaku. His entire team deserved praise. “He certainly gave an excellent answer like the whole team. It becomes difficult not to speak well of all the players. For Romelu, it is important to give answers. Some had mentioned psychological after-effects after the derby. But the boy is correct. IThere are times when he’s out of shape but today he’s been back in a dominant fashion. NOTe need this Romelu and the whole team to play every game with this attitude and attention. “

The Nerazzurri will still need a Romelu Lukaku of this level to get the Scudetto. For that, they will still have to take care of their number one asset. Because since the start of the season, between trips to the national team and his matches with Inter, the colossus has only been entitled to twelve days off! He will therefore necessarily need an adapted training to resist physically. And mentally where the battle with Ibra next Sunday is already salivating all the journalists of La Botte.


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