Reporting of certain traffic stops may be prohibited on Waze from November 1

The application decree regulating traffic control reports on Waze or Coyote type applications has just been published in the Official Journal. It will come into effect from 1er November. It stipulates that the prefects or the Ministry of the Interior may prohibit certain messages indicating alcohol tests, narcotics, with a maximum suspension of reports for two hours, or at roadblocks to intercept wanted persons (kidnapping alerts, terrorism) , with a maximum suspension of twelve hours. Radars are not affected.

A limited radius

On a proposal from the police or the gendarmerie, the prefect may communicate to the services concerned the time and place of the checks, within a radius of ten kilometers or two kilometers in built-up areas.

“The cases of one-off inhibitions provided for by the decree (anti-crime checks, and alcohol and drug tests), for a defined period and in a given area, do not fall within this framework, so we do not have no qualms about applying them

, Coyote told AFP. The company pointed out that it had already deactivated reports after, for example, terrorist attacks in 2015, in order to be sure that they could not be diverted to the benefit of one or more dangerous individuals who would like to thwart police checks. .

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The League for the Defense of Drivers is more reluctant. She fears the eventual ban on reporting road checks. In June 2019, the National Assembly adopted the principle of this temporary blocking of the signaling of road checks, within the framework of the mobility law.


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